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Sahil Palbabu

Shining brightest in the dark night sky,
Something that no one can afford to buy
Like a pearl up so high,
Hides behind clouds when it’s shy

Works like a flashlight in the night,
But a satellite for Earth’s delight
I’ve told you once and I’ll tell you again,
The story of a beautiful moon
Whose light shines brightest at night

A shooting star passes by,
Like a butterfly,
Saying to the milky, magical moon,
“Whether there is a typhoon or no late afternoon,
The moon is the moon
And will never come to a doom.”
Please borrow me your calmness,
So I’ll never be in gloom

(Sahil is an India boy living with his father who is working with an UN agency. Sahil is studying in an international school and always busy with research on space, nature and scientific items. Last week he was taking photos by using his father DSLR camera of full moon. His father said that can you wrote something creative on it. He has presented a beautiful poem on moon very soon. Sahil was born in Sri Lanka and currently living in Myanmar for last 11 years with his family)

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