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UIDAI advises people to refrain from posting Aadhaar number on internet

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Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has advised people to refrain from publicly putting their Aadhaar numbers on the internet and social media and posing challenges to others.

This advisory came in the wake of some news items appearing on social media reporting few persons publicly posting their Aadhaar numbers on the internet.

The authority said, such activities are uncalled for and should be refrained as these are not in accordance with the law. Aadhaar is a unique identity which can be authenticated to prove one’s identity for various services, benefits and subsidies.

UIDAI in its regular media campaigns has been consistently making people aware not to display or publish or share their Aadhaar number in public domain.

UIDAI emphasised that people should not display or publish their Aadhaar number in public.

Aadhaar number is personally sensitive information like bank account number and PAN number, which should be strictly shared only on a need basis for a legitimate use.


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