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UDF & LDF failed to do anything for cashew nut farmers, alleges PM

cashew nut farmers

“The entire world loves the cashew nuts from Kollam but UDF & LDF have failed to do anything for cashew nut farmers. They are responsible for the poor condition of the sector. A BJP government in Kerala will give topmost importance to the welfare of the cashew nut industry,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi was addressing a gathering at Kollam in Kerala after dedicating the Kollam Bypass to the Nation on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister further added that for so many years, those in power took the votes of the farmers but when it came to doing something substantial, they did nothing. All parties talked but no action. It was the NDA government that brought a historic increase in MSP for the farmers.

“UDF and LDF are same in neglecting yuva shakti of Kerala, ignoring the poor and in cheating the people of Kerala. UDF and LDF are two sides of the same old coin. Different in name, but in corruption, casteism and communalism they are the same,” said Modi.

The NDA government has been working towards abolishing Triple Talaq, said PM, alleging “the Communists and Congress are opposing this. Triple Talaq is great injustice to women. Several Islamic nations have banned it. Driven by vote-bank politics, Congress and Communist support Triple Talaq practice.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that his Government is committed to provide road connectivity to all the rural habitations in the country.

He said 90 percent of the rural habitations are now connected by road.

The Prime Minister said that the last man in the queue is his Government’s concern. The Prime Minister urged the Kerala Government to expedite implementation of various centrally-sponsored projects in the State.


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