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Trump signs new order to enforce sanctions against North Korea

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US President Donald Trump has signed a new order that boosts sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear weapons programme. The US treasury has been authorised to target firms and financial institutions conducting business with the North.

Mr. Trump also said China’s Central Bank had instructed other Chinese banks to stop doing business with Pyongyang. It comes less than two weeks after the UN approved new sanctions against the country over its latest nuclear test. Tensions have risen in recent weeks over the North’s continued nuclear and ballistic missile tests, despite pressure from world powers to stop.

US President praised the bold move taken by China’s Central Bank to stop financial transactions with North Korea. He said, the US goal is complete denuclearisation of North Korea.

In his maiden address to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Trump had warned North Korea of total destruction if its leader Kim Jong-Un, continued with his provocative behaviour. North Korea fired a missile over Japan earlier this month and tested a hydrogen bomb.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has said his country will consider the highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history against the United States. He said this in response to US President Donald Trump’s threat to destroy North korea.

Calling Trump mentally deranged and his comments the most ferocious declaration of a war in history, Kim said his UN speech on Tuesday confirmed Pyongyang’s nuclear programme has been the correct path.

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