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Total forest & tree cover in India increases by over 8,000 sq km: Govt

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The total forest and tree cover in the country has seen an increase of over 8,000 square kilometre, which is one percent increase from 2015.

Environment Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on Monday released the India State of Forest Report 2017 in New Delhi, according to which the present forest and tree cover is over eight lakh square kilometre.

Releasing the report Dr Harsh Vardhan said, India is among the top 10 countries of the world, both in terms of total forest area and the growth in the forest area.

The report reveals that Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala have shown significant increase in forest cover due to successful agro forestry practices, increase in mangrove cover, better conservation and protection practices.

The minister said, there is also increase of 1.73 million hectare in bamboo cover. He said, the total Mangrove cover in the country is 4,921 square kilometre with an increase of 181 square kilometre.

Dr Harsh Vardhan said, all Mangrove States and Union territories have shown an increase in Mangrove cover.

He said, it is a matter of cheer that there is decreasing trend of forest and tree cover in other countries of the world but India has shown an increasing trend.

The Minister said, he is impressed that India State of Forest Report is not like a routine report but prepared with a meticulous and scientific approach with the help of scientific tools.

As per information received, the report gives information about forest cover of the country and provides separate information on forest cover for tribal, hill districts, north eastern states and gives information on forest fire and bamboo resources of the country.

In his address, Minister of State for Environment and Climate Change, Dr Mahesh Sharma said, the increase in the forest cover is a matter of great pleasure.

He said, conservation of forests helps conserve water bodies and sequester carbon.

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