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Saudis name and put price on heads of 40 leaders of Houthi terror groups

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The Saudi Ministry of Interior has issued a statement with a list of 40 names of leaders and elements responsible for planning, executing and supporting various terrorist activities by the Houthi rebel group. Those in the list include Houthi leader, Abdul Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, with a 30 million dollar bounty placed on him. It also announced financial rewards for information leading to their arrest or whereabouts. This comes a day after Saudi Arabia said that it had intercepted the ballistic missile from across the Yemen border allegedly targeting Riyadh’s international airport.
Saudi News Agency said that the announcement, which was made early today, is part of Saudi Arabia’s effort to stop terrorism and fight extremist ideology. According to Riyadh, Houthi militias have increasing terrorist activities and continue to harm the security of Saudi Arabia.
Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia and its allies see the Shiite Houthis as being financially and militarily supported by Shiite-ruled Iran. However, both Iran and Houthis have denied these claims. Houthi militias have also been known to have ties with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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