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Rio Tinto will send team of mining experts to Chhattisgarh

Rio Tinto

Chief Minister meets CEOs of leading global companies

Raipur, 18 January 2018

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today met Chief Advisor of Rio Tinto Mr. Johnathan Rose. The Chhattisgarh delegation is on a tour of Australia. Chief Minister informed Mr. Rose that Chhattisgarh State is abundant in natural resources including minerals. There are innumerable similarities between Chhattisgarh and Australia. Rio Tinto is one of the leading mining companies in the world. Dr. Raman Singh said they can plan excavating mineral resources in Chhattisgarh.

Mr. Johnathan Rose revealed that Rio Tinto will send a team of experts to observe the eco-system and explore the possibilities of investment in the State. He added that Rio Tinto is also keen on joining the list of companies exploring mineral resources in the State. Dr. Raman Singh also met Riveena Oil and Bio-Energy Managing director Mr. Dhruv Deepak Saxena. Mr. Saxena revealed that the company is searching for opportunities for investing in food processing technology in India. They are keen on finding the avenues for rice brawn oil production in the State. They are at present producing Kynola oil in Australia. Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Mr. Aman Kumar Singh, Secretary of Industry Mr. Kamalpreet Singh, Chhattisgarh State Industrial Development Corporation Managing Director Mr. Sunil Misra and several senior officers were also present.

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