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PM to launch special digital exhibition on ‘Bapu Ko Karyanjali – Re-envisioning Champaran Satyagraha’ tomorrow


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch a special digital exhibition on ‘Bapu Ko Karyanjali – Re-envisioning the Champaran Satyagraha on its 100th anniversary at National Archives in New Delhi tomorrow. April of 2017 marks the centenary of the Champaran Satyagraha – Mahatma Gandhi’s first Satyagraha in India. Briefing reporters in New Delhi today, Director General of National Archives Raghvendra Singh said, a century ago, Mahatma Gandhi had taken several steps to improve the condition of people in Champaran. These included efforts towards basic education, skill development, women empowerment and cleanliness. Mr Singh said, the exhibition is an effort to go beyond a mere symbolic recall and to re-emphasize the spirit of cleanliness which was close to Mahatma Gandhi’s heart and was also a key element of the Champaran movement.
After inaugurating the exhibition, Prime Minister is also scheduled to address a gathering on the lawns of the National Archives.

On Tuesday, the Australian leader will visit Mumbai where he will attend several events including an interaction with key business leaders and an energy round-table.

As per information received, this will be the first visit of Malcolm Turnbull to India. Mr Turnbull and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have had substantive meetings on the margins of the G-20 in Antalya in 2015 and in Hangzhou in 2016.

India-Australia relations cover a very wide canvas- stretching from defence and security cooperation to environment, water management, sports, energy and education. Both sides see vast potential in economic and commercial engagement, and Australia has invested about 7 billion US Dollars in India.

There is an Indian community of nearly 4, 50,000 in Australia. India is the third largest source of immigrants for the country and around 46000 students are currently studying in Australia.

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