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PM Modi kick-starts his election campaign in Karnataka

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi kick-started his election campaign in Karnataka today by addressing a public rally in Santhemarahalli in Chamaraja Nagar district today.

He informed the gathering that 28th April got a momentous day in the history of the country when all un-electrified villages were connected with power lines. He informed the NDA government will embark on a task of connecting 4 crore households which do not have electricity even after 70 years of independence.

He told the gathering that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had promised electricity to all villages by 2009, but failed to achieve the target. The Prime Minister said 39 villages in Karnataka remained un-electrified and it was only that NDA government that fulfilled the task.

Retorting to Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s statement that he just needed 15 minutes in Lok Sabha to astonish Prime Minister, Mr. Modi challenged him to speak for 15 minutes without referring to any notes about achievements of his party in Karnataka.

Calling Rahul Gandhi as Naamdhar or as a person from famous family, the Prime Minister said he is a Kaamdhar or a person from the working class and any criticism by Naamdhar will not deter him from taking up the development work.

He assured people in Karnataka that all the pending projects in the state will be sped up when BJP comes to power. Later today, the Prime Minister will address two rallies in Udupi and Chikkodi.


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