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NASA’s Kepler space telescope discoveres Venus-like planet


Astronomers, using NASA’s Kepler space telescope, have discovered a Venus-like planet. Isabel Angelo, a scientist at SETI Institute, research organisation in the US said the plant is orbitting a dim star that is one-fifth the diameter of Sun and is located 219 light-years away from Earth.

This newly found world is only slightly larger than Earth, and it tightly embraces its low-temperature star called Kepler-1649, encircling it every nine days.

The tight orbit causes the flux of sunlight reaching the planet to be 2.3 times as great as the solar flux on Earth. For comparison, the solar flux on Venus is 1.9 times the terrestrial value.

The discovery will provide insight into the nature of planets around M dwarf stars, by far the most common type in the universe.

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