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Modi targets Congress, asks why it support urban naxals

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Raipur, November 09
Targeting Congress for allegedly favouring urban naxals in the country and questioning government action against them, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Congress should answer why it support urban naxals and come in their support when government take action against them.
Addressing a mammoth gathering in Jagdalpur today, PM Modi said “Congress should answer why it spoke in favour of urban Maoists in the country and come in their support when government take action against them. One side it favour urban Maoists while on other they mislead people by making statement against naxalism. People here will not forgive them. We have to save as well as transform Bastar and shape future of youths here. This is the reason I came here to appeal people for making BJP win in every seats. If anyone else would come to power, which is impossible in Chhattisgarh, even in single seat they will taint the dream of Bastar.”
“The children here, who should hold pen in their hands, were given weapons by people with devil mindset. Dreams of their parents were shattered. People who damage schools and not let doctors work in hospitals are only devils. You may heard about urban Maoists who live in air-conditioned house of big cities, their children studies in reputed institutes of overseas and travel in expensive vehicles but they destroy future of tribal youths,” stated PM Modi.
Recently, DD News cameraman, who came here in Bastar to cover local issues, was killed by naxals, said Modi, questioning that what his fault was.
Maoists are killing innocent people here and Congress is terming them revolutionists, said the PM, adding that the country will never forgive them.
Highlighting the development works taken up by Raman Singh-led government in the state, Modi said in last four years, around 9000 villages have been linked with roads and National Highways were developed in the state. Around seven major railway projects were also dedicated in the state.


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