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Include Yoga in school curriculum to combat lifestyle diseases: VP

Include Yoga in school curriculum

Include Yoga in school curriculum to ensure physical fitness and mental equilibrium: Vice President

Happy that Yoga is becoming a people’s movement;

Avoid reckless exploitation of nature;

Participates in International Yoga Day celebrations at Red Fort

New Delhi, June 21
The Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu has called for popularizing Yoga and making it part of the school curriculum to promote healthy lifestyles and combat growing incidence of non-communicable diseases in the country.

Participating in the International Yoga Day celebrations organized by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Vishwa Vidyalaya at the historic Red Fort grounds, here today, the Vice President said the ancient Indian practice not only ensures physical fitness and mental equilibrium but also inculcates discipline. He urged the Centre and various State Governments to make yoga part of the school curriculum.

Observing that improper food habits were causing harm to health, Shri Naidu cautioned the people, particularly the youngsters against eating junk food. “Instant food means constant disease”, he said the indigenous food practices handed down by our forefathers suited each season and region and need to be adopted.

Pointing out that people are encountering tremendous pressures in daily lives, the Vice President said there is a great need to introduce to the subtle science of Yoga, which everyone can use not just to achieve physical well-being, but also to lead a better life by making enlightened choices.

Observing that Yoga entails simplicity, honesty, compassion, and respect for all creatures and nature, Shri Naidu said the single-dimensional pursuit for more resources, wealth, pleasure and power was leading to erosion of values, ethics and indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources. “We are now seeing the result of all this in the form of climate change and growing inequalities. We need to arrest this craving for materialistic pursuits”, he added.

The Vice President said that Yoga aims at ‘balance’ and ‘equanimity’ and called for avoiding reckless exploitation of nature and excessive consumption. “Sustainability has to be the new mantra. ‘Balance’ is at the heart of sustainability. And that ‘balance’ in all spheres starting with physical well – being is what yoga is all about”, the Vice President stressed.

Stating that Yoga reflects the Bharatiya way of life of co-existing harmoniously with the nature and all other living creatures, Shri Naidu said that a true yogi develops harmonious relationships with the self, others and the environment that form the foundation of healthy societies and a healthy planet. ‘We must love and live with nature, nature and culture for a better future”, he added.

Expressing his happiness over the increasing popularity of Yoga all over the globe, the Vice President said that it was a matter of pride for the country that following Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s initiative, the International Day of Yoga is being celebrated across the world every year on June 21.

The Vice President also practiced a few Yoga Asanas on the occasion along with 30 thousand Yoga Sadhakas gathered at the celebration.

Later, a book titled ‘Siridhanyalu (Millets) – Food That Heals” was presented by Dr. Kahdar Vali, a proponent of healthy food habits and Shri Venkateshwar, Chairman of Rythu Nestham Foundation to the Vice President.

The Chief of Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu, Rajyogini Dadi Janki, the Director of Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurugram, BK Sister Asha, the Regional Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris for Russia and CIS, BK Sister Chakradhari, the Director, Brahma Kumaris Centre, New Delhi, BK Sister Pushpa, the Additional Secretary General, Bhahma Kumaris, Mount Abu, BK Brother Brij Mohan, the National Trustee, Lotus Temple & Baha’i Community of India, Dr. A.K. Merchant, the Head Priest, Gauri Shankar Temple, Chandni Chowk, Pandit Shivanand Mishra, the Priest & Hon. Secretary, Judah Hyam Syngogue, New Delhi, Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, the Head Priest, Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib, Chandni Chowk, Delhi, Giani Harnam Singh, the Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad, Janab Firoz Bakht Ahmed, the Independent Scientist & Expert on Health & Food, Dr. Khadar Vali, the Chairman of Rythu Nestham Foundation, Shri Venkateshwar and other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

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