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Govt says, trains to have 100 per cent vacuum bio- toilets by March next year


Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has said, the target of replacing bio-toilets with vacuum bio-toilets in trains will be achieved 100 percent by March next year.

In an interview to a news agency in New Delhi, the Minister said, some 500 vacuum bio-toilets have been ordered and once the experiment is successful, all the 2.5 lakh toilets in the trains will be replaced with vacuum bio-toilets.

He said, to compete with the airlines, replacing the bio-toilets with the latest version was one of the plans the national transporter had for upgrading its amenities.

Mr Goyal said, the vacuum toilets will be odour-free and the tracks will be cleaner. He said, it will cut down water usage by 1/20th and have much lesser chances of getting blocked.


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