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Fearing attacks, Egypt’s churches suspend pilgrimages, conferences


In Egypt, churches have suspended pilgrimages, holidays and conferences for the remainder of July and August after authorities warned them about possible attacks by Islamic terrorists.

Ishak Ibrahim, an activist and a top researcher on the Egyptian church, yesterday reported the suspension by the
majority Coptic Orthodox and the smaller Anglican and Catholic churches. Security officials, pastors and other activists confirmed the suspension.

They said the warning was delivered to church representatives during a meeting this week with top army and security commanders in the southern city of Assiut. At least two of these festivals will take place in Assiut, home to a sizable Christian community. Security officials confirmed the heightened measures and the warnings conveyed to the churches.

Militants have been waging attacks against security forces there for years, but they have recently expanded to the
mainland. Egyptian President El-Sissi declared a nationwide state of emergency in April after suicide bombers targeted two churches north of Cairo.

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