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Death toll in Afghan suicide attacks rises to 80; nearly 300 injured

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The death toll from two suicide and gun attacks on Afghan security forces in southeast Afghanistan has risen to 80 with nearly 300 injured. The deadliest attack took place yesterday on a police compound in the city of Gardez in Paktia province where Taliban militants disguised as police detonated three explosive-packed vehicles that cleared the way for 11 gunmen to enter.

Gardez deputy director of health told a media that at least 60 people, including Paktia police chief Toryalai Abdyani and civilians waiting to collect documents, were killed in the blasts and ensuing battle that lasted around five hours. Some 236 people were also wounded in the assault.

Police spokesman said two members of the security forces had been arrested in connection with the attack, suggesting the assailants had insider help.

In the second attack in the neighbouring province of Ghazni, some 100 kilometres west of Gardez, the official death toll has gone 20, including 15 members of the security forces and five civilians. The number of wounded stood at 46.

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