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Chhattisgarh is excited about partnership with Victoria: Dr. Raman Singh

Raman Singh

Raipur, 16 January 2018

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today met Victoria Legislative Council Speaker Mr. Bruce Atkinson in Australia. Dr. Raman Singh gave a detailed presentation of the rapid development of Chhattisgarh and its potential for growth opportunities. He also said that he is excited regarding the partnership between Chhattisgarh and Victoria. Melbourne stands Seventh in the list of ‘Smart Cities’ in the entire world.

Chief Minister informed Mr. Atkinson that State Government had developed Smart City -Naya Raipur- on 92 Sq. mile land area which is the first of its kind in India. The infrastructure is of world standards and on the lines of Global Smart Cities in the world. Chhattisgarh had invested Aus$ 1.9 billion and about Aus$ 2.5 billion will be invested here soon. The Smart City consists of commercial complex, Knowledge Park, Health City, entertainment and Recreation cluster, Theme township, Sports Complex and several other facilities are provided as in any other international city. Naya Raipur encourages non-polluting industries and provides ‘Plug-Play’ infrastructure amenities. The geographical location of Chhattisgarh is ideal where many international repute educations are located.

Dr. Raman Singh said Chhattisgarh State Government is keen on inking agreement between Naya Raipur and Melbourne. He informed Mr. Atkinson that Chhattisgarh is at the centre of the country which is ideal for investment and trade purposes. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is promoting ‘Make in India’ and Chhattisgarh is committed to promoting the model. He said just like Australia even Chhattisgarh is rich in mineral resources. The State tops in the production of coal-Dolomite and second in iron ore. The share of Aluminium in the country is 15 per cent, iron-steel is 25 per cent, cement is 16 per cent and limestone is 8 per cent. Australia is identified for mining.

Chief Minister said that just as Melbourne hosts top institutes like- Melbourne University, Victoria University, Monasha University, RMIT University, Deekin University, La Trobe University and Swaiborne Technology University-Chhattisgarh also has top educational institutes-Indian Institute of Technology, International Information Technology Institute, National Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, National Law University and several others.

Dr. Raman Singh said that Chhattisgarh is keen on tie-ups with Victoria to upgrade the educational institutes for research and transfer of knowledge. Victoria Universities can start their own premises in Chhattisgarh. There are 15 universities providing high-quality education to students in the State. The State is keen on tie-ups to better the education facilities. Chief Minister invited Mr. Atkinson to tour the State and have first-hand experience of the rapid development of the region. Mr. Atkinson said that that there are elections in Victoria this year. He said that Victoria had been efforts to improve taxation, health and education. He said that Victorian Government is keen on having long-term deals-partnerships in education, skills’ up gradation, tourism, mining, technology, Engineering and hospitality.

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