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Chhattisgarh gets new identity in South Korea-Japan: Raman


Raipur, June 6
The objective of Chhattisgarh government’s business mission and create new identity of the state in the nine-daylong foreign tour was successfully attained, said Chief Minister Raman Singh today.
Singh was speaking to media at Raipur Airport after arriving here from the nine-day tour to South Korea and Japan. On the occasion, Singh was accorded warm welcome by PWD Minister Rajesh Munat, MLA Shrichand Sundrani, RDA Chairman Sanjay Shrivastav and many public representatives, citizens and senior officials.
It was Raman Singh’s first tour to South Korea and Japan. Chief Minister said- after learning about the potential and scope of Chhattisgarh, many major companies of both the countries showed interest in doing capital investment and setting up industries in the state. Chief Minister said- State Government is conducting ‘Make-in-Chhattisgarh’ campaign on the lines of ‘Make-in-India’ Mission launched under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The main motive of this business mission under the ‘Make-in-Chhattisgarh campaign’ was to inform the entrepreneurs and investors of both the nations about the huge scope of investment in industrial development of Chhattisgarh and to invite them to visit the state.
Chief Minister said- today the implementation of ‘Make-in-India’ campaign in the country, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is transforming the image of India as one of the major economic superpower of the world. South Korea and Japan both are economically empowered nations. Chhattisgarh is a newly-constituted state. Singh said- during this tour, the delegation led by him visited three world-class Asian cities – Seoul, Tokyo and Osaka and met the investors there. Looking upon the historical background of both the nations, we get to learn a lot from the journey of both the nations becoming economic superpowers despite the challenges. South Korea got independence on August 15, 1948, whereas Japan struggled through the havoc wrecked by Second World War (1945), and despite the obstacles and challenges, both the nations evolved and established themselves as the economically empowered countries.
Dr Singh told- Japan and South Korea are quite established in terms of their tourism industry. The kind of work they have done in various sectors of tourism is exemplary for us too. This tour to Japan and South Korea has inspired us to explore the new possibilities of tourism development in Sirpur of Chhattisgarh. Travelling in a bullet train is a dream for many. I travelled from Osaka to Tokyo in a bullet train. The steps being taken under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon make this epitome of advanced technology- bullet trains the glory of our country too. Raman Singh said- Investment is a continuous process. This tour of ours has created a new image of Chhattisgarh. People of these countries got to see Chhattisgarh for its immense potential and rich resources. They expressed the desire to visit Chhattisgarh. It also unleashed a way of promoting business activities between Chhattisgarh and these nations. In new future, investors and entrepreneurs of Japan and South Korea will be further encouraged for investments and trade in state, through trade associations. For this, JETRO trade association of Japan and KOTRA trade association of South Korea will be engaged. A local representative will be appointed in both the nations, who will help in promoting investments and trade in Chhattisgarh and establishing coordination in actualizing the same. Apart from meeting the who’s who of major companies of these countries, we also had to contact and communicate with the small companies as well. Delegation of CII also accompanied us in this tour. Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) played an important role in contacting and coordinating with the Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). This led to constructive discussion with JETRO and KOTRA which is expected to yield fruitful results.
Chief Minister informed- Indian Embassies in South Korea and Japan, both worked pro-actively in organizing our investors’ meet and building favourable environment for the same. Dr Singh addressed investors’ meets in three world-class Asian cities- Seoul, Tokyo and Osaka. Meanwhile, meeting with more than 25 companies was held to discuss investment scope in sectors like mobile manufacturing, electronic devices, IT, electronics, smart cities, engineering, defence technology etc in Chhattisgarh.
Companies that attended the meetings
Representatives of the companies with whom Chief Minister met during the tour includes- Doshan Heavy Industries Limited of MBON Corporation, Sung ha Telecom, Dosal E&C, MECEN IPC Company Ltd, Perfec Clean Energy, Chunbuk Technopark, GIC Holding, RIST, Redrox, Space Group, Safe Food Corporation, World Proton Corporation, Seoul NEDC Corporation, Dikin International, Murata Manufacturing Company Ltd, Silver Peak Global, CGT, MIR Rogers Bokey Company Ltd Osaka, Seuda Corporation, Nisnano Corporation, Konmi Digital Entertainment Company, Mekens IPC Company Limited, International Corporation Tokyo, Sanative Line Company Ltd and others.
Naya Raipur and Sungam Smart City of South Korea area very similar
On the first day of the tour (May 29), the delegation reached capital city of South Korea Seoul, and met Consulate General of India in Seoul Vikram Doraiswami and representatives of Indian Embassy. In the meeting, specialities of Seoul and the industrial-commercial background of the city was discussed in detail. Later, the delegation had a tour of Sungam smart city. Raman Singh told that he observed many similarities between Sungam smart city and Chhattisgarh’s Naya Raipur. On the second day (May 30), Singh addressed the investors’ meet in head office of KOTRA in Seoul and later the delegation met the investors individually. Sung Ha Telecom of South Korea and Chhattisgarh Government signed a MoU for capital investment of Rs 120 crore in establishing mobile phone manufacturing units in Chhattisgarh. During South Korea tour, the delegation led by Dr Singh also visited head office of a representative company in KOTRA, on invitation, and met Chairman and CEO of the company Jaihong Kim. In the same sequence, he met Chairman of Fincham Automotive Company, who expressed interest in investing in Chhattisgarh. Dosan Heavy Industries Limited also showed interest in making investments in waste energy and wind energy project of Chhattisgarh. Chief Minister had a meeting with NRIs in Seoul, South Korea.
Japan Tour
Raman Singh addressed investors’ meet in Osaka city of Japan on June 3. This investors’ meet was organized by JETRO in association with CII, wherein representatives of more than 100 industrial groups and NRIs participated. It was the first ever investors’ meet organized in Japan based on investment scope in Chhattisgarh. Meanwhile, Chief Minister met delegation of NDIFC electric motors manufacturing company and discussed about various aspects of the investments. Singh felicitated Dr Tokiyo Mizokami, adorned with ‘Vishwa Hindi Samman’, with a memento. Meeting with delegation of leading electronic devices manufacturing company-Daikin was also held.
Chief Minister informed that a detailed discussion took place with Chairman of Silver Peak Global Group in Japan Subha Bhattachan during the meeting, regarding training the nurses in Chhattisgarh. Nurses of the state will be provided training in both Chhattisgarh and Japan. This will provide them better employment opportunities. In a meeting with Director of Murata Electronics in Osaka Karun Malhotra, long discussion on investment opportunities in Chhattisgarh was held. The delegation also met Managing Director and Chairman of Rogers Bokey Company Japan Shitoru Roy. He was quite impressed to learn about the rich natural resources of Chhattisgarh and various infrastructures being developed in the state. He gave consent for investing in Chhattisgarh. Head of Japanese Company MIR also expressed interest in making investments in Chhattisgarh.

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