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CGECB issues notice for closure of BALCO’s 1200 MW thermal power plant


The Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board, CGECB, has issued notice for the closure of 1200 MW thermal power plant of Bharat Aluminium Company, BALCO, Limited. The Plant located in the state’s Korba district has been issued closure notice after a major breach in its ash dam wall recently.

The closure notice mentioned that ash slurry water from the damaged ash dam is polluting water of a Belgiri nullah (canal) passing near the plant that drains into Hasdeo river. Notably, Hasdeo river water is mostly used for irrigation and at some places for drinking purpose in the region.

A statement of the Board released in Raipur said that action has been taken following collapse of a Ash Dam (Ash Dyke) resulting in thousand tonnes of ash slurry drained into Belgiri canal passing near the plant.

The Board has also asked BALCO management to repair the dam urgently, so that ash slurry could be prevented from going into the canal,which is connecting Hasdeo River.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Environment Conservation Board, Aman Kumar Singh has appealed all thermal power plants to strictly follow the norms defined by the Board.

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