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BJP says it is ready to discuss all issues in monsoon session of Parliament

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BJP today said that it is ready to discuss all issues in the monsoon session of Parliament and hoped that the legislative function will be smooth.

BJP spokesperson Gopal Agrawal said the current agrarian crisis has been going on since long and the previous UPA government is more answerable for it.

During the discussion the opposition leaders, Tom Vaddakan of Congress, Prof Dinesh Varshney of CPI and CPIM Lok Sabha MP MB Rajesh raised the issues of terrorist attack on Amarnath Yatra, mob lynching and stand off with China in Doklam.

Mr Vaddakan said, Congress is ready for its fruitful contribution in the upcoming session and anticipates similar response from the ruling party. He appreciated government for taking initiative to build a consensus on China issue. Prof. Dinesh Varshney said that unemployment is the biggest issues the country is facing which has increased since government took demonetisation decision.

MB Rajesh said, Kashmir issue should be dealt politically and government should try to take all the stake-holders in confidence. Leaders said they expect government to hold discussion on issues like cow vigilantism, corruption, National Commission for Backward Classes, women reservation in parliament, impact of GST implementation and slowing down of economy after demonetisation.

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