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Bangladesh restricts movement of Rohingya refugees

Rohingya refugees

Bangladesh has restricted the movement of Rohingya refugees, banning them from leaving overcrowded border areas.

On its border, over 4 lakh Rohingya people have taken refuge, fled after the violence in neighbouring Myanmar. Police yesterday said that they have issued an order prohibiting Rohingya refugees from leaving the areas and camps.

In a statement a police spokeswoman said they should stay in the designated camps until they return to their country.

She said Rohingya were also asked not to take shelter in the homes of their friends or acquaintances and locals have been asked not to rent houses to the refugees.

Police said they have set up check posts and surveillance in key transit points to make sure the refugees do not travel to the other parts of the country.

The restrictions were announced as Bangladesh authorities said they faced an “unprecedented crisis” due to the influx of 4 lakh 9 thousand refugees since last month.

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