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Afghanistan hails Trump support in joint struggle

Donald Trump
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Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has hailed US President Donald Trump’s decision to commit US troops to the country to fight against the resurgent Taliban.

Mr Ghani thanked the US for supporting the joint struggle against the threat of terrorism. Mr Trump has committed the US army to the open-ended conflict, despite previously advocating its withdrawal. He offered few details on the plan, but he did single out Pakistan for offering safe havens to extremists.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has warned that Afghanistan would become another graveyard for the US if it did not withdraw its troops.

Mr Trump warned a hasty US withdrawal from Afghanistan would leave a vacuum for terrorists to fill and said he had decided to keep troops there to fight to win to avoid the mistakes made in Iraq.

He said, his new approach would be more pragmatic and based on conditions on the ground rather than idealistic and time-based, and would switch from nation building to killing terrorists.

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