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Trump urges China to take stronger steps to press North Korea to curb its nuclear programme

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US President Donald Trump has urged China to use its influence over North Korea to help resolve the nuclear and missile issues. Trump said in an interview yesterday that the North Korean threat may be more important than trade.

He also said that a war with North Korea would be massive, with potentially millions of people being killed. He indicated that if China can help resolve the confrontation, the US will make concessions to Beijing on trade issues. Trump described North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as very smart as he was able to assume power at a very young age.

Meanwhile, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said the United States and the region face no bigger threat than what is now happening on the Korean Peninsula.

He reiterated that the US is ready to work with China and will continue to closely cooperate with allies like Japan and Southeast Asian nations to face the threat from North Korea.

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