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PM Modi says, election results indicate strong support for politics of good governance, development and reform

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said, the consecutive victory of BJP in the recent elections proves that the country is ready for reform and shows peoples’s belief in transformation. Addressing party workers at BJP Headquarters in New Delhi after poll victories in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, he said, the results indicate a strong support for politics of good governance and development.

Mr. Modi said, several conspiracies were hatched in Gujarat by Congress and misinformation was spread making fun of Vikas. He said, there were attempts in last few months to sow seeds of casteism in the state, but people rejected it.

The Prime Minister said, the Gujarat polls results are a matter of double happiness for him. He said, the results in Himachal Pradesh also show that if one does not work for development and indulges in wrong doings then people will not accept it after 5 years. Mr Modi praised BJP workers for their hardwork leading to these impressive victories. He bowed to the people of both the states for their affection and trust in BJP.

BJP President Amit Shah termed its victory in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh as the victory of Mr. Modi’s development agenda against the politics of casteism, dynasty and appeasement. Briefing reporters in New Delhi, Mr Shah said, the victory of BJP in Gujarat is the victory of the public’s unwavering trust in Mr. Modi’s leadership and the public welfare policies of the central government and the state government.

Mr Shah also congratulated the people of both the States for giving mandate to the BJP to serve the States. He said, the vote percentage of the BJP in both the States have gone up in comparison to 2012 Assembly elections.

Mr. Shah said, with today’s results, the party rule will cover 14 States and in five States there are NDA rule.

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