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PM Modi calls for united efforts to defeat menace of terrorism

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for united efforts to defeat the menace of terrorism as it is trying to weaken and destroy the social fabric.

In his 38th edition of Mann Ki Baat programme on All India Radio today, Mr Modi said, not only India but all humanitarian forces should become more alert and cautious to eliminate terrorism and extremism.

The Prime Minister said, terrorism has threatened humanity across the globe and it is bent upon destroying the humanitarian forces.

Remembering the victims and security personnel who lost their lives in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, Mr Modi said, this country can never forget their sacrifice. He said, terrorism has taken an ugly shape and has become a global threat almost as a daily routine.

Mr Modi said, people in India are facing a lot for the last 40 years on account of terrorism and thousands of innocent people have lost their lives.

He said, a few years ago, when India used to talk about the severe threats of terrorism many people in the world were not ready to take it seriously but now, when terrorism is knocking at their doors, every Government in the world, those who believe in humanity seeing it as one of the biggest challenges.

Remembering the members of the Constituent Assembly on the occasion of Constitution Day, the Prime Minister said, the members worked hard for about three years to draft the Constitution and whoever reads the debates will feel proud about the vision of a life dedicated to the nation.

He said, equality for all and sensitivity towards all is the unique characteristic of the Indian Constitution and it guarantees fundamental rights to each and every citizen.

Mr Modi said, it is the duty of the citizens that they abide by the Constitution in letter and spirit. He said, citizens and administrators alike must move ahead in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution which is the spirit of Indian democracy. He said, it is the responsibility of all to make a New India in the light of the thinking of the makers of the Constitution.

Mr Modi also paid tributes to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on the Constitution Day who was the Chairman of the drafting committee. He said, the Constitution bears an indelible stamp of his able leadership where he ensured the welfare of every section of society.

He also paid homage to Iron Man Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel who was also member of the Constituent Assembly. Mr Modi said, Sardar undertook the extraordinary task of uniting India into one nation.

Congratulating the Indian Navy personnel on Navy Day which will be observed on 4th of next month, Mr Modi said, Indian Navy secures and protects the maritime boundaries.

He said, the rivers and seas are both economically and strategically important and it is gateway to the whole world. He said, India has an unbreakable bond with oceans.

Mr Modi said, after Independence, Indian Navy showed its valour on various occasions whether it is liberation struggle of Goa or the Indo-Pak war.

He said, Indian Navy has always come forward in humanitarian ventures. He said, in June this year when Cyclone Mora hit Bangladesh and Myanmar, Indian naval ship INS SUMITRA rendered a big help in rescue operations and many fishermen were rescued from the sea and handed over to Bangladesh.

He said, this year, during the severe flood in Sri Lanka, three ships of Indian navy reached immediately and helped the people. He said, in September during the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh, Indian naval ship INS GHADIYAL delivered humanitarian assistance.

Mr Modi said, Navy rendered help in saving the fishermen of Papua New Guinea and naval ship INS TRIKAND prevented a piracy in a merchant vessel in the Western Gulf.

He said, Indians always nurture a feeling of pride and respect towards the security forces- be it the army, the navy or the air force and every countryman salutes the courage, bravery, valour, chivalry and sacrifice of the soldiers.

The Prime Minister expressed happiness that Ministry of Defence has decided to run a campaign from December 1st to 7th During the period, they will reach out to the people of the country to disseminate information about the Armed Forces and to make them aware.

He said, throughout the week every one, old or young, should wear the flag and a movement to instill respect for the forces will come into being in the country. He said, we can distribute Armed Forces Flags on the occasion.

He said, experiences and acts of valour of those from the armed forces who are the neighbours or acquaintances and related videos and pictures can be posted on #armedforcesflagday. He said, people from the forces could be invited to schools and colleges to share information about the forces.

The Prime Minister also called upon farmers to make a resolve that by the year 2022 the urea usage is cut down to half of what is being used presently.

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