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‘Super-Earth’ found 21 light years away may host alien life

Super Earth

Scientists have discovered a potentially habitable Earth-like planet, located just 21 light years away, that may host liquid water on its surface.

US Scientists found that the planet, with a mass between two and three times the Earth, resides at the edge of the habitable zone of its host star Gliese 625.

They said, the discovered planet is a relatively cool star, the planet is situated at the edge of its habitability zone, in which liquid water can exist on its surface.

Researchers said, this is the sixth super-Earth closest to our solar system in the habitability zone or in goldilocks zone of its star. Goldilocks zone refers distance of a planet from a star means the planet is neither too hot, nor too cold to support liquid water, which is a key ingredient for life.

Astronomers are searching for rocky planets like ours in the Goldilocks zones of other stars. Only few rocky planets have been discovered around nearby stars.

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