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NASA’s Saturn orbiting Cassini spacecraft faces fiery finish


NASA Spacecraft Cassini, on mission to explore the giant ring-world of Saturn and its menagerie of moons will today end its 20 year voyage by diving into the atmosphere of the second largest Planet.

US Space Agency has said its Cassini will move swiftly through the atmosphere and burn up like a meteor in the sky over Saturn. The only spacecraft ever to orbit Saturn, Cassini spent the past five months exploring the uncharted territory between the gaseous planet and its dazzling rings.

For 13 years, the orbiter has been sending back to Earth images of its extraordinary discoveries at Saturn. NASA programme scientist, Curt Niebur said, the mission has been insanely, wildly, beautifully successful, and it is coming to an end.

Cassini discovered six moons, some barely a mile or two across, as well as swarms of moon lets that are still part of Saturn’s rings.

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