Home Technology ISRO to launch new satellite on August 31

ISRO to launch new satellite on August 31


Indian Space Research Organization ISRO has scheduled its next satellite launch on the 31st of this month.

A release from the national space agency has said it would put into orbit the IRNSS-1H satellite at 18:59 hours on the day using the rocket PSLV-C39 from Sriharikotta.

The release has further said, the payload would augment the capacity of India’s seven-satellite ‘NavIC’ constellation in space.

The NavIC constellation provides spatial information on moving and non-moving objects in and around the country.

It is considered to be the Indian equivalent of the GPS or the Glonass. The first satellite in the series, IRNSS-1A developed a technical snag earlier, as its rubidium atomic clock failed in space.

The latest satellite is expected to take up the mantle of the first payload in the series after its launch.

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