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UP ATS arrests three persons for allegedly planning terror attacks


Anti Terrorist Squad of Uttar Pradesh police today arrested three persons and detained six others for allegedly planning terror attacks. Inspector General of ATS Asim Arun said that squad has conducted search operations and raids at different places in five states after getting inputs about their terrorist activities.

He said raids were conducted this morning simultaneously in Bihar, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab with the help of police force of five states. He said three persons have been arrested from Mumbai, Jalandhar in Punjab and Bijnore in Uttar Pradesh. They have been arrested for allegedly hatching conspiracy for terrorist activities and interrogation is underway.

He said actions will be taken against them on the basis of evidences found against them. He said that raids were conducted at Mumbai, Narkatiyaganj in Bihar, Jalandhar in Punjab and Bijnore and Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.

He said special cell of Delhi police, CI cell Andhra Pradesh police, ATS of Maharashtra Police, Punjab and Bihar police have extended their assistance in conducting raids and searches.

He said arrested persons were also active to recruit new persons for their gang in different parts of Uttar Pradesh and other states.

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