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Stop illegal cutting of trees: Punjab Forest Minister


The Forest Minister of Punjab, Mr Sadhu Singh Dharamsot has given strict instructions to the officials of the Forest Department to stop the illegal cutting of the trees falling in the forest area.

The Minister said that the matter of illegal cutting of trees of the forest area came to light during a review of the departmental projects.

He further said that the officials have been instructed to increase night vigil in all the forest areas of the state so as to curb this illegal practice.

He also divulged that the departmental officials have also been directed to remove encroachments from the forest lands coming under their respective jurisdictions and make sure that saplings of various types are planted at these.

Appealing to the people especially farmers to come forward to save the forests from fire, the Minister disclosed that during summer months the risk of forest areas catching fire increases due to the burning of wheat straw by the farmers in the areas situated near roads, drains and railway tracks.

The Minister exhorted the farmers hailing from the forest areas of the state to desist from burning of wheat straw and take help from police, revenue, fire and forest departments and share information in the event of forest areas catching fire.

He also divulged that information regarding this can be shared at the helpline number of the department i.e. 0172-228098 besides the contact numbers of forest divisions of various districts.

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