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Madhya Pradesh: “Mil -Banche” programme to be organised in govt schools of state today

Mil Banche

In Madhya Pradesh, in a first of its kind initiative, “Mil Banche”, an interactive programme between schools and society is being organized in all government schools of the state today.

As per information received, over 80 thousand volunteers have expressed their desire to give gifts to the schools like books or any other gifts which will useful for students. This programme is being organized in the state for multi-dimensional development of children through language skill up-gradation, reading other books in addition to textbooks, developing interest in understanding and other co-curricular activities in government schools.
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Over 2 lakh volunteers who have registered for the “Mil -Banche Madhya Pradesh” programme include 820 engineers, 843 doctors, 36 thousand employees of private sector, 19 thousand public representatives and around 45 thousand government employees and officers.

Volunteers will read out one chapter of any book from either the school library or the Hindi textbook during the programme. After the reading session, the students present in the class will be asked interesting questions and will be introduced to the art of conversation and reading after group discussion.


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