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Sick Toilets of Government Hospitals


Sayed Ibrahim Ahmad

Ranchi, Sep 6

In the present scenario when an underprivileged patient is admitted in government hospital, the basic challenge he or she has to deal with is ‘Swacchta’ (Cleanliness) in its toilet. The filthy ambiance of attending nature’s call is in a mucky situation drawing the least attention of the authorities.

Toilets of Government Hospitals
Sayed Ibrahim Ahmad

The stinky smell gives no room for improvement and deteriorates the condition of the patient. In such circumstances, this individual is bound to think that has he or she arrived in ‘hell’? Even a healthy person will fall ill after witnessing the dirty commodes and urinals.

Imagine the compulsion of a patient lying near the toilet. He cannot object on the situation but has to bear the smell due to his economic crisis. It becomes more difficult for a Below Poverty Line (BPL) holder because they have to tackle it and cannot think of private hospital’s treatment changing a high fee. After all, who listens to a BPL card holder?

On the minister’s visit, the entire medical institution is decorated but not the toilet. Besides, toilet, a government hospital patient has to deal with the security guard and nurses. The government must conduct regular inspections for keeping a vigil eye on these people.

As a solution to this hygienic issue, the union and state governments must ensure regular toilet cleaning. It will help a person not to face troubles.

(Sayed Ibrahim Ahmad is a student of eleventh standard in D.A.V Public School, Bariatu, Ranchi. The views expressed are personal.)

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