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Secretary Agriculture stresses developing technologies affordable to farmers

technologies for farmers
A view of the Forty Second Kharif Research Council meeting at BAU on Tuesday.

Ranchi, June 8

Secretary Agriculture Aboobacker Siddique P has stressed on perfecting need-based, easily accessible, and affordable farm technologies having operational suitability for poor farmers.
Addressing the Forty Second Kharif Research Council meeting of Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) on Tuesday, he said other educational institutions are for dissemination of knowledge but universities are also supposed to negate some of the existing knowledge and continuously work for refinement and innovation. As the lone far varsity of the state, BAU has done a lot for improving the scenario of the farming sector but the full potential of Jharkhand having a varied climate and rich biodiversity remains to be tapped. The University has released several improved crop varieties during the last year but more serious efforts are needed especially in the areas of animal husbandry, floriculture and medicinal plants. He said the proposal for granting pension to BAU pensioners as per the seventh pay package new Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) for teachers was progressing in full swing. Department was committed for agricultural advancement of the state in association with BAU, he added.
Eminent rice scientist and former Director of Central Rice Research Institute, Dr BN Singh advocated for taking direct seeded rice in place of transplanted rice under Jharkhand conditions to effectively meet the challenges posed by uncertainty of rains. Due to absence of farm labour from Bihar and eastern UP during corona phase, direct seeded rice was taken in Punjab and Haryana in about 10 lakh hectares and yield was found similar to that under transplanted conditions, Dr Singh said.
BAU Vice Chancellor Dr Onkar Nath Singh said use of frontier technologies like nanotechnology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, ICT and improved package of practices for crop management and protection are being continuously increased for achieving desired pace in agricultural advancement.
External expert and former Dean of Veterinary Faculty Dr AK Ishwar said due to indiscriminate artificial insemination and cross breeding with genetically inferior cattle of western origin, production of A1 milk has increased but consumption of this low quality milk has also led to increased incidence of high BP and heart ailments in the society. He stressed on increasing production of A2 milk obtained from the cows of Indian origin.
Dr Arunava Pattanayak, Director, India Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, Ranchi, BAU Director Research Dr SK Pal, Director Extension Education Dr Jagarnath Oraon and ADR Dr PK Singh also participated in the deliberations. Shashi Singh anchored the event.
Dr AK Singh, Head, ICAR RCER Research Centre, Plandu, Ranchi and Dr K Satyanarayana, Director, Central Tasar Research and Training Institute, Nagri were also present on the occasion.

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