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JUT expands its reach in state


Sumedha Chaudhury

Ranchi, May 7

The Industry-Institute Collaboration Cell (IIC) under the Jharkhand University of Technology (JUT) initiated functioning of its first identified hub today. Notably, the Industry-Institute collaboration cell of the university has identified three hubs in the state with three partners to carry out its activities. These hubs are the Kolhan, Bokaro and Ranchi regions.


The BA College of Engineering and Technology (BACET) and the Institute of Project and Engg (IPe), Jamshedpur would partner with the university to carry forward the activities in the Kolhan region. Similarly, BIT Sindri would lead the activities in the Bokaro region and JUT would lead the activities in the Ranchi region. Professor PK Mishra, vice-chancellor in his inaugural address, emphasized the importance of the partnership between the Industry and the Academia for overall societal wellbeing and the development of the state. He said that as the head of the technical university of the state he has taken this as his mission to break the ice between Academia and the Industry for value creation.


He further added that how the involvement of academia can help create value not only for the industries in the organized sector but also it can potentially play a role as a saviour for the dwindling local industry and the handicrafts sector of the state. Speaking on the occasion RR Jha, founder and president, Institute of Project and Engg (IPe) and Convenor JUT-Industry Institute consultancy cell said that despite being home to about 25% of the total mineral deposits in the country, the per capita state domestic product of the state is among the lowest in the country and how this academia-industry partnership could be a win-win association leading to the overall development of the state. SKSingh, Chairman BACET and Advisor, JUT moderated the entire proceedings he hailed this initiative as a timely and first of its kind in the state.


To mark this beginning, Venkatram Srinivas, MD Illumine Knowledge Resources was engaged to conduct a workshop that facilitated the brainstorming session to pave the way forward. He said that the aim has to be to guide towards the realization of the potential rather than mere problem-solving. He emphasized that universities could be the key players to plug in the gaps in any ecosystem as they have this unique strength, not possessed by any, to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to value creation. It was decided that the teams would begin with identification and selection of the manufacturing ecosystems in their respective hubs and to take things forward the next discussion would be based on the details of these identified ecosystems and the existing gaps in those and how the Industry – Institute Collaboration cell can get into for value creation.


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