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Wanna relish Immunity Booster ‘Golgappe’?

Immunity Booster Golgappe
Chatori owner Ranjit Kumar at his stall on Tuesday. The three white bottles containing those ingredients are placed above the quote on immunity booster.

Sumedha Chaudhury

Ranchi, Oct 21

Immunity Booster Golgappe: For the ‘Panipuri lovers’, a Ranchi based shop has something to tackle with the Covid scare! Customers here have the option of getting a touch of aloe vera, amla or giloy in the tamarind water poured in the panipuris in order to boost immunity.

Citing the reason behind coming up with such an alternative, Ranjit Kumar, the owner of this shop ‘Chatori’ at Nucleus mall said, “City’s malls have recently resumed services wherein I was thinking of some creative ideas to lure customers of different age genres. After tasting these ingredients, it was decided to place in bottles in front of the customers so as to show them our concern for good health,” adding that it can be termed as an initiative under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for ‘Vocal for Local’.

Immunity Booster Golgappe: Kumar however does not support Chinese dishes over Indian ones. “Chaat is anytime healthier because of the use of amchur and homemade spices,” he said.

As many as 11 varieties of Golgappe and Chaats ranging from Rs 59 to Rs 99 are offered. The lowest is of regular Golgappe while the highest is Chocolate golgappa.

According to Kumar, Nucleus Mall had been witnessing a low footfall due to the pandemic but customers are turning up with families after every 10 to 15 minutes.

Apart from running the shop, he also takes bookings for wedding parties. “If the scenario is healthy, I would put up stalls in weddings as people are often approaching. Aloe vera, amla and giloy will be offered there as well with the golgappa water,” he mentioned.

Notably, giloy is a powerhouse of antioxidants which eliminate diseases while aloe vera fights against diabetes and gastrointestinal ailments. Amla enhances hair, skin and chronic conditions.

Interestingly, last month, a city caterer K Aggarwal was noticed selling rosogollas infused with vegetables, spices and fruits for immunity building.

“I have tried the flavored rosogolla as well as Chaat. Relished both,” said Divya Modi, a customer at Kumar’s counter on Tuesday.



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