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Agriculture engineers can increase productivity in lesser time with greater perfection, says ICAR DDG

DDG (Agricultural Engineering) ICAR Dr. SN Jha, BAU VC Dr. O Nath along with College of Agricultural Engineering students at the state capital on Wednesday.

Ranchi, June 16

In the face of dwindling land resources and a number of farmers for agriculture and increasing food demand to feed the burgeoning population, expectations from agriculture engineers have increased considerably as they have the capability to increase production and productivity in lesser time and with greater perfection through farm mechanization, said Dr. SN Jha, Deputy Director General (Agricultural Engineering) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research and President of Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers.
Addressing the students of the College of Agricultural Engineering (CAE) of Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) on Wednesday (June 15), Dr Jha urged them to have a short term, medium-term and long-term targets in life and use every minute very effectively whether they are studying, writing, walking or sleeping. Try to take up and complete the priority number one task just after getting up and if it fails for any reason, take up the second priority. “ One should always be confident in approach, never be afraid of background, identify his/her weaknesses on regular basis and try to remove them with improvement exercise and regular practice”, he added.
Dr Jha said he would impress upon the state government and JPSC from the ICAR level for early recruitments against the vacant posts of the College of Agricultural Engineering as an acute shortage of teachers would affect accreditation and graduates will not be able to take admission in PG engineering courses of country’s leading institutes and agricultural universities. He stressed that UG students should be sent to the country’s different universities for a 4-week Student READY (Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana) Programme in order to have varied experience and exposure.
Replying to students’ queries about career prospects, Jha said agriculture engineering graduates can apply in agriculture service of different state governments, FCI and industry. Master degree holders have many opportunities, including those in universities and research and development institutions. Government of India has written to state governments several times to sanction position of agricultural engineer for every district. Many states including Jharkhand have already done it. Watershed and mechanization programme can not be sustainable without the active involvement of agriculture engineers. Honesty should start from ourselves and we should vow never to let down the profession.

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