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BJP to win all assembly seats in tribal areas of Gujarat: Amit Shah


BJP national president Amit Shah has expressed his confidence that BJP will win all assembly seats in tribal areas of Gujarat in coming assembly elections.

He was speaking to the media after visiting Chhota Udepur in central Gujarat yesterday as part of party’s Vistarak Yojana.

Mr. Shah said that 4 lakh in the country and in 48 thousand party workers in the state will work as a full timer under Vistarak programme for 15 days, 6 months and 1 year. He said that party workers will visit the villages, booths and doorsteps to connect the people to BJP.

They will meet common people and introduce them to the schemes and programmes launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mr. Shah said that he will travel extensively in Gujarat in coming days and visit one booth each in coastal belt and in Dalit locality in urban areas. He said that a booth is party’s life and karyakarta is party’s soul.

As per information received, Shah has held meeting with 50 booth level workers in tribal village of Bodeli, where – small party worker to party’s national president were seen on the same stage.

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