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A Netflix Chronicle


Eshan Adarsh Pandit

For focus dispersed, Profits chancing and managing spectators’ choices and expectations are taking a toll on Netflix. Although senseless anxieties are least warranted as they can be attributed to various causes beyond one’s control be it demographical hostilities in Europe, slothful economic growth, or mounting inflation around the world. Although the operation model steering Netflix is obsoletely ancient and pleads out loud for transformative insistence, the Revenue model is solely reliant on subscription-based content, and for it to be summarized as a model dependent on the leisure choice of a customer and his want to be entertained frequently.
Frequent Need to scroll but stuck between multiple choices, option to switch and to prefer amid preferences among peers be it Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple Tv, Sony liv, Disney+ and so and so forth makes it a situation quite peculiar for Netflix and its peers. But thoughts of them as sole competitors would be a mistake of wide proportions. If said “Whoever consumes screen time of a consumer, be it a paid subscription-based forum or forum of free subscription or community be it YouTube, Instagram, Tick-Tock, Facebook, etc”, the statement would hardly be called erroneous. The problem of the reduced attention span does also preoccupy the Netflix and paid subscription-based Peers and it is easy to switch from lengthy TV-Series and Movies to Tick-Tock and Instagram shorts.
No matter how rich and the diverse library is (crowded screen-space) unless standardized or without an organized catalog is hard to navigate into and does an excellent job to perplex an individual, the cluttered interface hardly does any justice to the wealth of content. In addition absence of a rating system does wonders in keeping one bewildered and aids one to acquire a bad taste.
Netflix once held pioneers are reducing towards imitators(self imitators are imitators too). Broadly the art of Storytelling is repetitive and hardly relatable and fails to form a connection, as executives tend to ignore the detail, that one’s end product is hardly “entertainment” but a poignant experience that one bequeath the audience with. If understood with Food- Analogy helps one sum Human nature, in an Invitation for a dinner for where on platter dishes are many, appetite is limited, taste-buds met with a bad flavor ruins dinner or overeating leads toward upset stomach or sometimes indigestion, both experiences are one force to be reckoned with. Established formulas and reliance on an established star or name-centric cyclical content exhaust interest and at times leave bad taste towards disengagement. Superficial and Bad connect is as good as no connect as it fails one to relate to forum and content as well.
Once accustomed to established and recurring monotonously akin storyline or content either in spirit or in the plot, brews seeds of dispassion and indifference. The craft of audience engagement does also strain upon courting uncertainty and astonishment as opposed to the set mechanical nature of present posited content marketing stratagems based on set patterns and largely devoid of versatility and exuberance.
Leaving behind for what which is beyond one influence than that to one which is controllable. In terms of the vastness of content and market reach Netflix holds a position of plus precedence globally, a fact to be cherished upon though, with due exception of generating proceeds in India. Carved words in disappointment by Hastings Reed, CEO of Netflix, compute the dissatisfaction within organizational setup. In desperation Netflix India took steps, Prices were slaughtered, attempts were made to fetch New-Species of a pre-established form of Content (TV–Series, Movies, Anime, or documentaries), and talks were held as to how steps can be taken to stop lads from sharing a password with one another. For it is privy to company internal management and its functioning so it is better not to deliberate about its in-house details but it would not be worthwhile if these input points don’t come to light:-
I. Slashing Prices in a bid to acquire new consumers is anotion to be scoffed at. For what Netflix was considered in initial years as a luxurious delight to hold to, by cutting prices you lacerate what was status and prestige towards austerity, undeniably a down-ward slope, arousing cycle recurring expectations for low prices in long run. An institution that devaluates its asset and status, depreciates its value. That is the price one pays for reach, one thought one would attain.
II. Now and then Netflix India frequently is charged with spoon-feeding content that does not relate to the masses and content is often called urban elitist. The concern is not unfounded as the individual can be fascinated by this content but gradually seldom one form a connection with the content. Many regional competitors are showing signs of making reach and tapping the market through the simplicity of their content and an aesthetic way to relate with people notably Panchayat, Mirzapur, Special Ops, etc. Artificial connect is as good as no connect.
III. Globally and regionally, sole emphasis on youth and its preferences makes one’s target population very constringe and hurts organizational reach in other Age groups losing a wide share in its consumer basis.
IV. For what once was an Eccentric, instinctive, risk-taking culture slowly and steadily moving towards comfort and indecision. Choice and preferences are measured with help of an algorithm or aptly termed once by a brilliant individual as “data influenced intuition”, in half that must be agreed upon but as wisely observed by someone, “over-reliance on Set formulas and established norms of success are not but the death of creativity, imagination and sustainable progress”.
V. The idea of shared premier leadership in a command structure is a flawed concept and is a cause for envy, disorder, conflict of interests, and indecisiveness. In a usual manner, it compromises the structural integrity of an organization and is a wonderful recipe for discord, sowing seeds of dissension amidst the internal functioning of a company, the key reason you hear few success stories of any diarchy.
Although word limits do constrain, on a parting note in summation prolonged word-play can be inferred in a statement “Sole perspective of gains and losses incurred in an organizational setup is self-defeating and this outlook must be avoided”. And if tenable break the archaic relic of conventions and traditions for most suitably they are fit for display in a Museum. Surpass the approach of a fixed mindset or see one-self surpassed by those who do.
(Eshan Adarsh Pandit is an independent Legal practitioner primarily providing his services in the Supreme Court Of India and various regional High Courts in India. Views expressed are his personal)

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