Home Health VMed making its footprints visible across India

VMed making its footprints visible across India

VMed making its footprints visible across India

Delhi, July 23
Be it core sectors and others, while everyone was witnessing slowdown due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine industry recorded major growth during this hard time.
The telemedicine sector is expected to witness remarkable growth in coming years as well because it emerged as an effective solution to the problems being faced by people in emergency, believe market experts.
With the global outbreak of the pandemic, several players in the telemedicine sector like LiveHealth Online, Babylon Health, TelaDoc, DocsApp, CallHealth, VSee, Eclinic247, Healnt Technologies, EVaidya Pvt. Ltd, Practo, Medisurge Technologies Pvt. Ltd., JustDoc & Lybrate, hogged attention of people but a home grown telemedicine application ‘VMed’ emerged as major player among them by offering series of user friendly features, added the experts.
Along with offering series of features and making doctor consultation an easy task, VMed managed to maintain all the safety features in interest of its users.
However, there are several popular telemedicine applications available in the market, VMed is spreading its footprints visible across the country.


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