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Terrorism remains primary security challenge for peaceful countries: India


India has said, the scourge of terrorism remains the primary security challenge for all peaceful countries and terrorism is being reinvented in newer and even more dangerous manifestations. Defence Minister Arun Jaitley said this while addressing the Moscow Conference on International Security in Russia yesterday.

According to an official statement, the Minister said that manipulation of young minds by fundamentalist groups using new technologies and social media has already caused long-term damage to societies.

He said, the countries should resolutely resist opportunistic efforts by some states to support terrorist proxies by training, funding or providing safe havens to such groups for their limited objectives.

On Afghanistan situation, Mr Jailtey said, a policy of zero tolerance towards violence and terrorism and continued efforts to consolidate the capacity of the Afghan government are essential.

He also said, there are also worrying signs of economic protectionism and new barriers to migration and the closing of borders. He said, for the foreseeable future, Asian economies will continue to be the drivers of global growth.

Mr Arun Jaitley also met Russian Minister Sergei Shoigu and discussed ways to expedite supply of military platforms to India as well as joint development of defence systems. Terming the talks as very fruitful, Mr Jaitley said both the countries have future plans to set up manufacturing units in India.


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