Home Health Synthetic egg wreaked havoc amidst egg lovers in West Bengal

Synthetic egg wreaked havoc amidst egg lovers in West Bengal


In West Bengal, synthetic egg, locally called as plastic egg has wreaked havoc amidst the egg lovers. The matter came to light when a little girl from the Karea area of Kolkata complained of stomach pain after consuming one such plastic egg without knowing that it was a plastic egg. Complaint was lodged at the local police station to this effect.

After that, the Health Department of Kolkata Municipality and the Kolkata police jointly start raid to the various places of Kolkata egg markets. Some eggs have been seized as sample for the laboratory test. Some egg traders were also interrogated by the Enforcement Branch.

To prevent any chance of selling of such imitated eggs necessary steps and precautions have been taken by the all municipal authorities in the state. Today, a raid has also been conducted in Durgapur egg market by the local municipality authority.

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