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Sumona on its way to bring major positive change in society

Emotional counselling helpline Sumona

ANS, July 29

‘Sumona’ is an out-of-box initiative to help anybody facing emotional issues. You could be lonely, anxious, have been body-shamed, sometimes just too worried or may think some issue is too trivial to talk to anybody about. If neglected, these small issues may balloon into depression, and could bring on attempts on life, or lead to chronic mental health issues.

Sumona 630-999-1919, India’s only 24×7 emotional counselling helpline where you can get in touch with the counsellor in less than a minute.

Launched in July this year, Sumona, an emotional tele-counseling helpline is run by Dhanush Foundation, a NGO that works in the area of public health and powered by Associated Chamber of Commerce (ASSOCHAM). Every day, especially during the COVID pandemic, people have been facing emotional difficulties or anxiety factors.

“This service is not psychotherapy which is for people with chronic symptoms. Sumona has been offering different types of counselling for individual, adolescence, relationships, grief and workplace issues,” says Chandrima Ganguly Dendukuri, founder of Dhanush Foundation and chairperson of ASSOCHAM Telangana CSR and Sustainability Committee.

This is a 100 percent confidential counselling service and not charged to the users, she elaborated.

“Our USP is enabling the caller to reach a counsellor in a minute. The caller does not have to listen to the many messages before he or she can be attended to by a counsellor. The counsellors also speak all the main regional languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Hindi, English and others,” said Chandrima.

She further elaborated that this is enabled by Sumona’s dedicated team of trained counsellors, who are trained and certified in counselling. All of them hold a master’s degree in psychology or social work. On the team are psychologists, social workers, volunteers, quality trainers, a HR lead & information systems manager, who runs the helpline vide the latest telephony system Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for a more engaging communication with callers and information record system for meaningful reports and impact analysis in this area.

Sumona’s offering in the area of Emotional Health & Well-being is akin to primary healthcare in physical health, said Chandrima.

“When primary healthcare is neglected, it can lead to secondary and tertiary complications. Emotional health issues, if not dealt well, can lead to chronic mental health problems including depression or suicidal tendencies in few people. Emotional health and well-being is part of holistic health, and is among the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations,” explained Chandrima.

At Sumona, you have a friend who will listen to your issues, not just hear you talking, understand with empathy, and empower you to find the solution for your problems. Call Sumona 630-999-1919 or visit sumonabeautifulmind.com.


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