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Popular science books serve an important purpose of science communication: Secretary DST

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New Delhi, May 30
Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Prof. Ashutosh Sharma today released four popular science books published by Vigyan Prasar in a book release function held at Indian National Science Academy (INSA) in New Delhi.

The books released were ‘Voyage to Antarctica’’, ‘Story of Consciousness’, ‘An Autobiography of Moon’ and ‘’Sambhu Nath De – The Discovery of Cholera Toxin’.

Prof. Ashutosh Sharma said that popular science books serve an important purpose of science communication. He pointed out that the efforts of Shambhu Nath De in discovering the Cholera Toxin are not known in his own country. The book on Shambhu Nath De may try to change that situation. Prof. Sharma said that the book ‘Voyage to Antarctica’ may serve as one of the authentic books on Antarctica. He said, The book ‘Story of Consciousness’ explains how human consciousness has evolved over millions of years, marking a paradigm shift in the journey of humankind from the physical to the mental, a shift that would henceforth determine the onward march of civilization. The book, ‘An Autobiography of Moon’ has a storytelling format, where, the moon is telling its characteristics to the readers.’ The book will be attractive to young readers, said Prof. Sharma.

Addressing the gathering, Director, Vigyan Prasar, Dr. Nakul Parashar said that the primary focus of publication of books is to popularise science communication and take the message of science to the society.

Voyage to Antarctica’ chronicles Dr. Felix Bast first-hand experience during the expedition to Antarctica as part of the 36th Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica (ISEA) that he undertook during 2016-17. This book narrates the Antarctic expedition chronologically right from the inspiration for undertaking the expedition, acclimatization training at the Himalayas and so on till many months after the completion of the expedition to assess the effect of the expedition on the author’s personal and professional life.

Story of Consciousness’ book focuses on multiple disciplines like biology, neuroscience, psychology, semiotics, linguistics, philosophy and even theology related to human consciousness. This book is third of the trilogy following Story of Universe and Story of Evolution. This book is basically a story about the evolution of human

‘An Autobiography of Moon’ deals with a lot of those secrets like its origin, how it changes its shape daily, why only half of it can be seen, and lots more. Especially discussing all these difficult things in autobiography style will make this book more attractive to young readers.

‘Shambhu Nath De’ book is about the great inventor S N De, who contributed a lot to get rid of the cholera epidemic and save our society. Life and works of this great scientist discussed in this book with some unknown side and untold stories.

Voyage to Antarctica” is authored by Dr. Felix Bast, “Story of Consciousness” is authored by Dr. Govind Bhattacharya, “An Autobiography of Moon” is authored by Dr. Ramesh Shishu and Shambhu Nath De- The Discovery of Cholera Toxin” is authored by Dr. M S S Murthy. All the authors were present in the book release function. The books have been published by Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

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