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PM Modi addresses 39th edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said new India will be free from the poison of casteism, communalism, terrorism, corruption, filth and poverty and exhorted youth of the country to come forward and deliberate on how New India will be formed.

He said, the dream of New India will be realised through the skill and fortitude of energetic youth.

In his Mann Ki Baat programme on All India Radio, Mr Modi said, everyone will have equal opportunity and aspirations in the new India.

The Prime Minister said, it will be a place where peace, unity and amity will be the guiding force.

Mr Modi said, 1st January 2018, is going to be a special year as people born in year 2000 or later will gradually begin to become eligible voters, the New India voters.

He said, their vote will prove to be the bedrock of new India. He said, the vote is the most effective tool in bringing about a positive change in the lives of millions of people. He said, the youth can be makers of the 21st century.

Proposing a mock Parliament to be organised around 15th August in Delhi comprising one young representative selected from every district, Mr Modi wished that youth get information and details of all the opportunities and plans at one place.

He said, a system should be created so that every young person on turning 18 should automatically get to know about the areas like skill development, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Expressing his views on cleanliness, Mr Modi said, people should make a contribution in the direction of making Clean India which the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi had dreamt of.

He said, efforts in the direction of cleanliness are being widely taken across the country. He said, a change can now be seen in the form of public participation in the rural and urban areas alike. Mr Modi said, cleanliness survey will be conducted from 4th of January to 10th of March, 2018 to evaluate achievements in cleanliness level of the urban areas.

The survey will cover a population of more than 40 crores in more than four thousand cities.

The Prime Minister said, now a Muslim woman can go to Haj Pilgrimage without a Mahram or a male guardian.

Earlier, he said, if a Muslim woman wanted to go to on Haj pilgrimage, she must have a male guardian, otherwise she cannot travel. Now, Minority Affairs Ministry has removed this restriction that had been in practice for the past 70 years.

Mentioning about 26th January, Mr Modi said Republic Day is a historic festival for all of us but this time it will be celebrated with leaders of all ten ASEAN countries coming to India as chief guests.

He said, this is unprecedented in India’s history. He said, on 26th January, the arrival of great leaders of ten nations of the world as a unit is a matter of pride for all Indians.

Remembering the pious occasion of Christmas, Prime minister said Christmas was celebrated across the world with gaiety and fervour. He said it reminds us of the great teachings of Jesus Christ who laid much emphasis on the spirit of service, Sewa Bhaav.

Mr Modi also urged upon countrymen to imbibe lessons from Guru Govind Singhji teachings and exemplary life and mould our life in accordance with them.

Prime Minister also wished countrymen a very Happy New Year 2018.

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