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PM Modi addresses 99th birthday celebrations of Dada Vaswani via video conference

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The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today addressed via video conference, the 99th birthday celebrations of Dada Vaswani in Pune. He recalled that he had first met Dada Vaswani 27 years ago at the World Religions Conference in the United Nations. He also recalled their meeting in Pune in 2013.
The Prime Minister praised Dada Vaswani for his selfless service to humanity. Appreciating Dada Vaswani’s thoughts on “Making the Right Choice,” the Prime Minister said that if people resolve to make the right choice, evils such as corruption, casteism, drug-abuse, crime etc., can be overcome. He spoke of India’s 75th anniversary of independence in 2022, and said India must resolve today, to fulfil the dreams of the freedom fighters by then. He urged the Sadhu Vaswani Mission to join this effort, in whatever ways it can.
Dada Vaswani thanked the Prime Minister, and described him as one of the greatest leaders of the world today. He said that initiatives launched by the Prime Minister, such as Jan Dhan Yojana, Make in India, Swachh Bharat etc. are having a visible impact. He said India has changed a lot in three years. He also said that not politics, but right education at the right time, is the key to nation-building. He said we should all strive to build a nation that all Indians can be proud of.

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