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India does not eye anyone’s territory, says PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said India does not eye anyone’s territory and resources and asserted that its model of development aid is not based on give and take.

He said, India has always played a constructive role in the world arena and it does not measure its policy towards any nation on the basis of profit or loss but views it through the prism of human values.

Mr Modi’s comments came amid increasing Chinese efforts to expand its influence in the Indian sub-continent.

Addressing the first conference of persons of Indian origin (PIO) parliamentarians from across the globe, Mr Modi also asked them to invest in India and act as catalysts in the country’s growth. He said, at a time when the world is divided by ideologies, India believes in the mantra of ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’ and asked PIO Parliamentarians to spread India’s message of inclusiveness.

Mr Modi said, they can help attract more Foreign Direct Investment to India by spreading India’s growth story globally.

The Prime Minister said, a record 16 billion dollars of FDI came into the country in the recent past.

Mr Modi said, his government has made far-reaching policy changes, with reform and transform being its guiding principle.

He said, philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and the philosophy of Indian values can counter radicalisation and extremism.

He said India, with its rich values and traditions, has the power to lead and guide the world dealing with instability.

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