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Gorakhpur: 58 deaths in 4 days, says BRD Hospital

BRD Hospital

In Uttar Pradesh, at least 58 people, including 32 children, died within a span of four days between November 1 and 4 at Baba Raghav Das, BRD Medical College Hospital Gorakhpur.

Prof D K Srivastava, the head of the Community Medicine Department of the College has said that out of 58 deaths 32 are below 1-month children and 26 are over 1 month of age.

He said, the children who were below 1 month have died mainly because of infection and malnutrition.

He said that reason behind the children’s deaths was due to lack of cleanliness in the areas the children lived in. He said, efforts are being made to ensure cleanliness in the area.

In August, it was reported that over 60 children had died within a week in the college. The state government had set up a committee to enhance the medical facilities in the hospital and had assured all possible support to the college for better treatment facilities following deaths of children in the month of August.

Then Principle of the college and other doctors were not only suspended but arrested following the incident.

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