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Farmers from MP are improving the crop yield by adopting the modern agriculture techniques


Indian farmers are facing endless suffering whether it is the drought! Loans! Untimely rains! Or Low market prices! and the land issues are among the most commonly contested legal battles across courts in India. The current population of India is around 1.35 billion which expected to reach on the top of the world’s most populated countries. Because of this continuous increase in the population, you can see the drastic downfall in the land available per man. In 1999-2000 land available per man was 0.15 hectare which is likely to decrease to 0.05 till 2020, which is resulting in the excessive use of natural resources.

After seeing the endless suffering of Indian farmers four IIT & IIM pass-outs have launched an app “Gramophone” which is dedicated to cut down the sufferings of farmers and provide them solutions related to agronomy and agriculture market. Gramophone has developed the curiosity of M.P.’s (a state in India) farmers in technology and now they are using the modern agriculture techniques. Apps like Gramophone, Modern agricultural pieces of machinery, subsidies, and use of advanced farming is bringing back the smiles on the face of farmers. Here is an example of modern farmers 31 years old Rajesh Anjana from Girota, Indore, MP. He says “There are only two ways to make the farming business profitable 1. Maximize the yield and 2. Cut-down the cost of farming.”

He and his parents have been cultivating the onion in his 3 acres farm since decades but from last 1 year he opts-out for advanced farming and with the precise use of modern agronomy, plant hybridization, pesticides, fertilizers, and technology, he has improved his onion yields up to 30% with 50% of improvements in quality and 40% in pure execution of onion.

Rajesh Anjana is a modern farmer and a smartphone user who says I am in constant contact with Gramophone and acquiring the precise information about modern techniques and agriculture traditions from them. Farmer faces numerous challenges related to agriculture and they are nowhere near to decent solutions. In Gramophone app, you can ask your queries to agronomy experts or share the issues and information with other farmers. You will get the solution to all problems related to farming in this app. Farmers can get all information related to crop protection, crop nutrition, seeds, implements, and agriculture hardware. Daily weather updates and market prices are the most valuable features of this app.


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