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US senator introduces Bill aimed at protecting call centre jobs

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A Legislation has been introduced in US Congress aimed at protecting call centre jobs. The bill requires call centre employees in countries like India to disclose their location and give customers a right to transfer their call to a service agent in the United States.

Introduced by Senator Sherrod Brown, the legislation proposes to create a public list of companies that would outsource call centre jobs and give preference in federal contracts to companies that have not outsourced these jobs overseas. It guarantees US customers the right to transfer their call to a customer service agent who is physically located in the US.

According to a study, the largest communications and media labour union in the US, India and the Philippines are the top two destinations for US companies off-shoring call centre jobs. American companies have opened call centres in countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China and Mexico.

According to National Association of Software and Services Companies estimates, India is a global leader with revenues of over 28 billion US Dollar annually in the Business Process Management industry.

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