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US initiates actions against Myanmar’s military over Rohingya

United States
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The US today announced that it has initiated actions against Myanmar’s military leadership involved in violence against Rohingya Muslims. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said that the US is in consultations with its friends and allies on the accountability options.
Nauert said in a statement that the US will continue to support Myanmar’s transition to democracy, as well as efforts to resolve the current crisis in Rakhine State. However, she said, the Burmese Government, including its armed forces, must take immediate action to ensure peace and security, implement commitments to ensure humanitarian access to communities in desperate need and facilitate the safe and voluntary return of those who have fled or been displaced in Rakhine State.
More than 600,000 members of the minority Muslim group have fled across the border into Bangladesh in an intensifying crisis that began in late August.

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