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US cold snap to bring record-breaking low temperatures

Hurricane Michael

North America’s East Coast is shivering in a record-breaking freeze just a day after a deadly cyclone dumped snow as far south as Florida. National Weather Service said temperatures are expected to fall below minus 29-degree Celsius in several parts of US and Canada.

In Canada, high winds have knocked out power for tens of thousands of residents in Nova Scotia. Giant waves caused by the storm saw freezing floodwaters inundate parts of the New England coast. According to reports, the extreme weather has so far been linked to up to 19 deaths in the US and two more in Canada.

The storm has so far forced hundreds of schools and businesses to close in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, the Carolinas, Maryland and Virginia. More than 1,200 flights were cancelled yesterday, a day after 4,000 others were grounded. Experts say the so-called bomb cyclone storm drew moisture and strength from as far south as the Caribbean Sea.

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